Claims & Disputes

Disputes come in all forms and sizes; be it a dispute at work, with a neighbour, where money is owed by you or someone claims you owe money, or you have a contractual dispute. The list is endless. Whatever the nature of your dispute our specialist team are here to make the process as stress free as possible.

Why Use A Solicitor?

It is always hoped that a dispute can be settled by negotiation. We can help you with the negotiation and advise as to the best way forward, in a practical and straight forward manner. If the dispute is not concluded by successful negotiations, the matter will need to be determined either by court litigation or an alternative form of dispute resolution. We are here to guide you through the complexities of the path forward, protecting your best interests.


Court is always viewed as a last resort but this may be the only option available. Our Dispute Resolution team have experience of representing clients in all types of Civil court proceedings.

We can provide you with the representation that you need.

Our Dispute Resolution Team frequently advises on disputes concerning:

  • Property and Housing:
     – Boundary disputes;
     – Planning permission disputes;
     – Deposit disputes;
     – Possession and rent recovery (including serving notices under section 8 and section 21 of the Housing Act 1988).
     – Unfair Dismissal;
     – Discrimination;
     – Redundancy;
     – Settlement Agreements;
     – Bullying and harassment.
David Randle

David Randle is head of Dispute Resolution Department and he has over 20 years’ experience in conducting a range of Civil claims and disputes.

At Risdon Hosegood we understand that very often when a relationship breaks down it may be hard to see a way forward. We offer a pragmatic expert advice to help you work out what to do next, what your options are, how you can find help and assistance, what you are entitled to and how you can achieve it.

David will be pleased to meet you for an initial consultation for a fixed fee to explore the issues, advise and plan the best way to proceed and to provide you with a clear action plan and costs analysis.

You can contact our Dispute Resolution Team by telephone on 01823 251571 or by sending an e-mail to David directly.