Family Law

Divorce, Children and Finances when relationships breakdown
The breakdown of relationships, separation and divorce need careful handling and very often prompt action. At Risdon Hosegood we appreciate and understand the complexities of emotions and anxiety that accompany relationship breakdowns and in a sensitive and professional manner we are dedicated to providing quality legal advice and assistance that concentrates on the circumstances of each individual. We are pleased to advise and assist with all areas of family and matrimonial law including divorce, children and financial settlements. We also offer with Peppy Griffiths, the head of our Family Department, a mediation service that includes MIAMs (mediation information and assessment meetings mandatory before any court applications for children and financial issues) and an opportunity for resolving separation matters on an informed but amicable basis.

Our Family Department covers:

family law and mediation

All members of Risdon Hosegood’s family team are members of Resolution (first for family law) and follow a Code of Practice to always try to help you deal with your issues as amicably as possible even when court proceedings are involved.

At Risdon Hosegood we understand that very often when a relationship breaks down it can be a frightening and lonely time. We offer initial fixed fee meetings that last approximately one hour with one of our family experts to help you work out what to do next, what your options are, how you can find help and assistance, what you are entitled to and how you can achieve it. Very often this information and knowledge will be the key to helping you to deal with and manage the issues that have arisen.