Family Mediation

Peppy Griffiths is an accredited mediation specialist with a long background in family and matrimonial law and is also a matrimonial lawyer and Partner at Risdon Hosegood. Peppy has been mediating for many years in an assorted and varied range of family issues, including in respect of children and finances and provides a sensitive and confidential process with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help and assist couples when relationships breakdown and to manage their separation.

Peppy prides herself on her role as Mediator and is dedicated to helping couples, often at a very difficult and emotive time, to obtain the knowledge and process to make their own informed decisions. Peppy is accredited with Resolution, a member of the Law Society Family Mediation Panel and an accredited member of the Family Mediation Council.

What is Mediation?
Mediation is a sensitive and confidential process during which a specialist Mediator helps a separating couple or family to examine and consider any issues that they may wish to resolve in the context of separation or divorce.

Mediators do not make decisions. Their role is to be totally impartial and to help separating couples:

Obtain knowledge to make informed decisions

Share Ideas


Resolve and manage conflict

Focus on the needs and feelings of the children

Reach their own joint decisions

What does Mediation Cover?

Pretty much anything that couples in separation need to resolve to be able to plan their future apart including:

Arrangements for children

Terms for separation/divorce

Financial provision for themselves and/or children

How the family home and other property and assets should be shared

Any associated or unexpected complications that arise


Parties contemplating the issue of Court proceedings in respect of their children or financial settlements are required to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMs) prior to issue and Peppy is authorised and accredited by the Family Mediation Council to provide this service.

What is involved?

Either one or both parties contact Peppy to discuss mediation. Very often referrals are made through Solicitors or other services and a referral form can be downloaded here.

Peppy will then arrange to meet each of the parties separately to discuss their suitability for mediation and how mediation might be able to assist them.

What does it cost?

Peppy provides a fixed cost mediation service so you can be assured of the cost involved.

Peppy will be pleased to go through the costs with you and explain exactly what will be involved. She can be contacted on 01823 251571 or or alternatively you can fill in the enquiry form here.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Helps with communication and co-operation
  • Is confidential and sensitive
  • Can help minimise the stress and anxiety
  • Is generally quicker and less expensive that going to Court